Quantum Tracker
Discord Bot

A list of all commands you can use with the bot directly in discord!

Add Quantum Tracker for discord
help Shows this menu
ping Shows the bot's latency
uptime Shows the bot's uptime
shards Shows shard information
info Shows bot's statistics
config [setting] [value] Change the server's settings
Rocket League
rlstats [platform] [id] Get's rocket league stats
rlrank [platform] [id] Get's rocket league ranks
rlrankup [platform] [id] Get's rocket league rankup info
rllink [platform] [id] Links rocket league account
rlunlink Unlinks rocket league account
rlrole [platform] [id] Assigns a role relative to your highest rank
rlprice [item] (color) Get's item prices
ftn [platform] [id] Get's fortnite stats
ftn link [platform] [id] Links fortnite account
ftn unlink Unlinks fortnite account
Apex Legends
apex [platform] [id] (champion) Get's apex stats
apex link [platform] [id] Links apex account
apex unlink Unlinks apex account
csgo [id] Get's csgo stats
csgo link [id] Links csgo account
csgo unlink Unlinks csgo account
Rainbow Six: Siege
siege [platform] [id] Get's R6 Siege seasonal stats
siege link [platform] [id] Links R6 Siege account
siege unlink Unlinks R6 Siege account

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